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PolitiScoop was born from the ashes of unbiased news reporting. Today citizens who report what is happening in their corner of the world and saving many from the filtered news bias of cnn and faux news (aka fox). We are citizen journalists who spare no truth to benefit the rich or almighty. Telling it like it is, gives you the reader unfettered access to what is happening around you. If you can't handle the truth, then we suggest you go back to faux news.

In many of the articles you will see an Author  pen-name . Politiscoop is not affiliated with any political party, do not claim to be liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat but  are  American. Politiscoop will never state that my stories or publications are not biased because they are from a personal point of view.

You will not find Politiscoop supporting a cause that bends the needle of our moral compass, you will not see Politiscoop rail against someone or something that Politiscoop have not researched or witnessed with our own abilities and believe to be true in what we say. If you enjoy reading stories from a Citizens point of view, then we encourage you to check PolitiScoop regularly for updates.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit a scoop, so long as it doesn't violate a persons rights to personal freedoms and advocates truth through opinion and facts then we encourage you to enter the debate. The truth matters.

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