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Food AT LAST - Hunger Strike On Hiatus Victory Achieved

Matt Schauenburg VictoryMadison Wisconsin - has been following the Hunger Striker Matthew Schauenburg since day 8 of his endeavor to end Scott Walkers tyranny against the working men and women of Wisconsin. After yesterdays court ruling of continuing the TRO against the union busting measure until possibly June, Matt has decided to suspend his hunger strike until such time he needs to either continue it or claim an all out victory should the measure be struck down.

Matt endured 28 days of grueling hunger in the name of Democracy and during those long days he suffered minute after minute with dignity in his attempt to stand up to the Republican machine now controlling the House and Senate of Wisconsin. At one point Matt passed out onto the floor of the Rotunda from the lack of food and energy needed to survive. The immense bravery it took for one individual to put his life on the line for those he knows and those he may never know will probably go down as one of the biggest acts of heroism seen in political struggles of freedom and democracy that the state has ever seen.

The main stream media failed to take notice or give attention to Matt's cause and determination because it wouldn't add to the bottom line. Mike Malloy a progressive radio host took the banner and repeatedly let his listeners know about the hunger strike taking place in the badger state. We here at PolitiScoop worked tirelessly to get Matts story out to the general public to let them know just how strong he felt about the movement. A special thanks goes out to Mike Malloy for his personal attention and devotion of time to this matter and to those at PolitiScoop who volunteered their time and energy in assisting Matt in any way to make him comfortable both physically and emotionally. (Kelley, Linda, Pam, Tim, Jess, Doug , Melinda, Cori, a huge thank you to you all)

Thank you to writer Joe the Nerd Ferraro whose article in the Huffington Post inspired many to contact Matt with support and thanks for what he is doing. It's not everyday that people can come together in such a way to shed light on things that many of us shy away from. Today marks a victory for Matt and a victory for the people of Wisconsin who now know that there are people out there willing to put their lives on the line for their freedoms in the political arena.

Finally Thank you Matthew Schauenburg for enduring 28 days without food in the name of Freedom. Thank you for the pain and suffering you brought upon yourself in the name of carrying the banner of the working men and women of Wisconsin. It is with great pride and honor to have covered your story in your battle with Scott Walker and his Republican henchmen you will probably go down as an unsung hero but a hero none the least. Thank you Matt and as you say Solidarity! On Wisconsin!


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