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Defending Wisconsin Asks JB Van Hollen to Resign

Breaking News: Madison Wisconsin -- Defending Wisconsin PAC has formally asked for the resignation of Wisconsin's Attorney General as the vote tally in which he was elected have now come to light to not add up. Below is a copy of the letter to J.B Van Hollen. We will keep you up to date as to any replies or comments from the Attorney General. is in 100 percent agreement with this letter to the AG. If you as a citizen agree as well, please feel free to write him a letter of your own.

Dear Attorney General JB Van Hollen,


It has recently come to my attention that there is need for concern over your election in 2006.  As you may recall you were running against Kathleen Falk, a Democrat and County Executive of Dane County.  On the surface the results of that race looked as though you were the winner by a narrow margin of only 8,859 votes.  In this election, Waukesha County had voted heavily for you.


Here is the problem, though.  The Waukesha County Clerk reports that there were 156,804 ballots cast in that election.  You can see that by going here: .   All seems kosher until you look at the Government Accountability Board Canvass Summary in which over 174,000 votes were cast in that race.  You can see this by going here and clicking attorney general: .   Therefore it is clear more votes were cast in this race than ballots cast.


I am told you are a reasonable man.  The numbers don’t add up and given the extremely high percentage of votes for you in that county Kathleen Falk would be the winner if the numbers added up.   I am requesting that you do the right thing and resign from office effective immediately.  We have now proven you are not the legitimate winner of that election and therefore are unable to be considered our Attorney General.  I am not alleging you had a part in this, but now that you know, the FACT remains you are not our legally elected Attorney General.  Please do the right thing and resign, you can even run again and get legally elected if you would like.  Thank you for your time and consideration, may you make the right decision and not the right wing one.



Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

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