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Breaking News Out of Waukesha County Wisconsin -- This being reported from witnesses on the ground in Waukesha

"At around 2:15pm, we were ready to open the bags for Delafield. There were three bags total. Bags 1 & 2 were fine. The numbers all matched up. When we got to bag 3, we found out that the bag # was NOT RECORDED ON THE INSPECTOR'S statement...! The Republican canvass person said we could assume that the clerk forgot to write the # down on the inspector's statement and we could proceed. Of course, this is a break in the chain of custody!..."

So Bill (volunteer lawyer) objected. I got my phone out and went to call the campaign. The sheriff wouldn't let me out the back door (even though I went out that door to use the restroom earlier) but made me go around everyone to the front door (front door is for reps, back door is for public). I had to get past the guy sitting out front wanting to know if I was leaving for the day, what my name was...

I called the campaign and they said to tell Bill to tell the judge that we are considering making an objection and want to have legal counsel. They said DO NOT open the bag. I raced back into the room and found Bill. He said the bag had already been opened..."

"He said he objected and asked the judge to open the other bags first, and not # 3, but the judge said NO. Bill said it's in the minutes and we have a record of it. BUT...they started counting the ballots in bag 3 first. By this time the started pouring in.

Darcy said that with this big a municipality ...that we're talking thousands of votes (I think she said 10,000). I don't know how many votes we're talking here, but this is very suspicious. Why couldn't the judge wait? Why did they open # 3 first? Darcy said the judge was in the hall talking to Kevin Kennedy about it. I had to leave, I was too upset."


Prosser explains why he couldn't have been meeting with Walker that day. Find the story here.

"Prosser told WKOW27 News the closest time to the April 5 election when he spoke even casually with Walker was April 1,  when both Walker and Prosser attended a republican party event in Waukesha County.

Prosser said his driver recalls taking Prosser to his Madison condominium,  not the state capitol,  on the day after the election.   Prosser said they traveled from Delafield."

Ladies and gentlemen SHARE THIS story..when is it going to end?

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