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Scott Walkers Continued Failure

Scott Walker FailureMadison -- Many view this battle against Scott Walker as a union battle, or a Democrat battle, or a liberalist battle.

But what Scott Walker is doing affects everyone in a serious life altering way. The only positive impact is for the wealthiest and big business interests that funded Walkers election.

There is a big lie being imposed on the people of Wisconsin called the Budget Crisis of 2011. Make no mistake, those that have taken a stand are Republicans and Democrats alike, they are not thugs, they are not violent, they do not have palm trees or police on horseback at the capital protests. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans currently in office, are not Republicans, they are so filled with corporate greed they can be nothing more than Corporatists.

Let’s take a look at just a few things that have been enacted by the Republicans:

Elimination of the Office of Secretary of State, a constitutionally protected office. Walker wants to hand over the responsibility of the SOS oversight of notary publics and trademarks to the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), a department headed by Walker crony Mike Huebsh. No other state has such a department. Walker will also hand over the succession to the Governors seat should the Governor and LT Governor not be able to perform their duties from the SOS to the Attorney General, another recipient of Walker kick backs for allegiance. There is a serious pattern of control maneuvers that cannot be ignored, regardless of political preference.
• Privatizing the Commerce Department, funneling tax payer money and state funds to Scott Walkers corporate interests of WEDC, the Governors new corporation.

Privatizing education is not about the children, or even the teachers, it is about the money. Education is big business in the private sector.

Elimination of Physical Education. Huh? PE is not about becoming an athlete; it is a matter of living a healthy lifestyle and much of that is not taught in sports.
Voter suppression and restriction, not a simple requirement of Voter ID.

Carrying of a concealed weapon, Republicans voted down a Democrat amendment to ban weapons at polling stations. Now why on earth would there be a need for weapons at polling stations?

Privatizing the University system, another form of funneling tax payer funds to corporations – raising tuition is not going to benefit the State of Wisconsin, it will pad the pockets of the Corporatist take over

Privatizing UW Hospitals and Clinics – union busting also removes the very necessary protections that unions provide, patient protection.
Privatizing the Credit Unions there was over $200 million dollars returned to the members, the people, and that is not in Scott Walkers agenda to support his special interest groups.

Privatizing State Insurance plan – run by State employees at a fraction of the cost, yes, those thug state employees saved the tax payers money despite what Walker will have us think.

Privatizing Department of Transportation – Remember Walkers buddy Mr. Deschane? Why would we need to ensure an over funded transportation fund is separate from the general fund?

Elimination of Capital Gains, Corporate Taxes, and repealing the “Las Vegas Loophole” where corporations can funnel their money to a state, like Nevada, that pays no taxes, to avoid paying Wisconsin taxes. This is elimination of revenue by banks and corporations. May I point out the $636 million that would solve the deficit 4 times over was realized because of the Democratic provision closing this loophole in 2009? Walker and company just opened it back up. These bills, brought into legislation by Walkers lobbyist connections are nothing more than Walkers ability to create a budget crisis imposed on the people of Wisconsin.

Stealing of state workers pension fund contributions forced on employees. When the $28 million is taken from the state employee pension fund and placed in the general fund, per Scott Walker and all the Republicans since they voted on its passage, where is this money going? It is going to the Insurance Company. What company CEO that just sold out to United Health care is now partnered with Scott Walker, Randy Hopper and the likes? YES Don Weber, another Scott Walker crony that contributed to his campaign.

Scott Walker – campaign contributors – lobbyist groups – Koch Industries, everything Scott Walker has done has these same common interests. Not the interests of the people, not even the interests of the people who elected him, not our children, not our jobs, not our government transparency, not our laws, not our constitution, not our survival.

This is catastrophic for Republican and Democrats, Independents alike. It is a big sham being committed on the State of Wisconsin and we must stop it, it is illegal, and can be un done, but unless we rise up and join this fight together, the damage will be too much to completely recover from.

Here is a great place to find the bills, the text, the legislation, and the acts upon the people. Go to and start catching up and following the happenings of our Government, it is not something that can be left to those who are showing up at the polls or who will be allowed to vote in the future. And if you are a person who thinks all those taking a stand are thugs, and not serving your best interest, take a look at what is really going on before you listen to the TV or radio, before you discount all this evidence as propaganda, take a look and see with an honest attempt at understanding what is before us.

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