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Kim Simac Do as I say - Not as I Do

Kim Simac Has Kim Simac been honest with Wisconsin families?

How much do GOP party leaders really know about the Northern Wisconsin Tea Party gal, Kimberly Jo Simac? Or should we say Kimberly Jo Perreau? Or…is it the former Kimberly Jo Maillette? (See We bet they know a lot more than the average Wisconsin citizen does.

We had heard some rumblings about Tea Party candidate Kim Simac and decided to investigate a bit further. We didn’t have to look far to question whether Ms. Simac is:


Simac tells voters on her website that “…Wisconsin needs to support the traditional family structure and I will work to encourage marriage as the route to a stable and successful future”. But does her personal life really reflect that claim? Was it “traditional” for Kimberly Jo Maillette and Arthur P. Simac, to file for divorce from their respective previous spouses…on the very same day, December 15, 1993? What an incredible coincidence. From the numbers assigned to their divorce cases, it appears that these two walked in to the court house, one right after the other, receiving case #1993FA000188 and #1993FA000189. Who knows? Perhaps they met in line while filing their divorce cases and romance bloomed? And, then again, maybe pigs fly.

1993FA000188 12-15-1993 Vilas Closed Maillette, Kimberly Jo 10-1958 Kimberly Jo Maillette vs James T. Maillette

1993FA000189 12-15-1993 Vilas Closed Simac, Arthur P. 01-1955 Arthur P. Simac vs Cynthia A. Simac

We’ve often wondered why Ms. Simac so carefully words references to her “traditional” family as: “Together she and her husband raised 9 children in the Eagle River area” (See Which husband? The current Arthur P. Simac, or, former husband Michael T. Maillette? Why not just come clean and acknowledge that you were married, got divorced and remarried? Could it be that Tea Party backers don’t see this as a “traditional” marriage…particularly given the funky timing of the two aforementioned divorce filings?


We all expect candidates to have their personal financial houses in order. Particularly if they are adamant about their constituents being “responsible”, Remember, Simac, who called hard-working and tax-paying teachers, police and firefighters “mutinous cowards” on her website claims: “Over many years, those of us in the private sector have lived by the oldest rule in economics: You can’t spend more than you take in.” But, has Ms. Simac lived by the financial rules she so glibly dictates to others? Let’s take a look:

(1) Personal property taxes on Kim & Arthur Simac’s property, located at 3860 Kula Vista Drive, Eagle River, WI, appear to be delinquent (see According to the Vilas County Treasurer’s Office, the first half of property taxes are due January 31st and the balance July 31st. If a homeowner misses making a payment by January 31st, then the account is considered delinquent, the entire amount is considered due, and, the homeowner loses the option of paying in installments. According to the Vilas County Treasurer’s website (see above), the Simacs have paid nothing toward their 2010 property taxes as of May 25, 2011. Therefore, it appears Ms. Simac is not living by the financial rules she insists everyone else must live by.

(2) What is with all the other lawsuits against Kimberly Jo Simac or Kimberly Jo Maillette…from M&I Mortgage Corp, from the Department of Revenue, from individuals in the community seeking to collect funds owed? To see for yourself, visit public records available at;jsessionid=409E77FAC0CCF2E396F24C9109C4D399.render6 and search for these names: Kimberly Jo Maillete and Arthur P. Simac.

So is Wisconsin’s GOP party really supporting Ms. Simac, who appears ready to self-destruct her political career with the “disconnect” between her campaign slogans and personal life realities? Or, is the GOP appeasing Ms. Simac by quietly allowing her to disburse tchotchkes and participate in photo-ops at the Wisconsin GOP convention… while throwing real money and real support behind her GOP primary opponent Robert Lussow?

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