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Kim Simac - Taxes, Education and legislation

Kim Simac uninformedKim Simac - Taxes, Education and legislation

Eagle River Wisconsin -- Next Tuesday will be the day that Jim Holperin defends his senate seat against the inexperienced, radical Right Wing Tea Party challenger Kim Simac. Dispite several invitations to do so, Simac agreed to debate Holperin only once during this campaign. The radio forum in the Northwood's was recorded by Wisconsin Eye. When you watch the video you will see why she ran away from other invitations to debate. She has little to nothing to bring to the table in terms of solutions to the challenges Wisconsin now faces.

Simac alluded to high taxes on corporations as being a hindrance to job growth in the North Woods but how would she know? Taxes have not hindered her business as she has avoided paying them over the past decade. When asked what current legislation in Madison would she support or vote against if she were to be elected, Simac's response was that she didn't know and couldn't answer the question. She also stated that she wasn't sure what the duty of a State Senator entailed and couldn't comment. Holperin, however took time to explain legislation and what it meant for citizens in the North Woods.

Here is the dilemma that voters face when trying to assess Kim Simac's candidacy. Her campaign has vigilantly scrubbed websites and Youtube videos of Simac making preposterous claims and wild accusations. Details about here education are vague. Recently she claimed that she attended New Trier West High School in Illinois. School records confirm that assertion, however online records show Simac grew up in Rolling Meadows Illinois. If she resided in Rolling Meadows while attending New Trier West High School she was outside her district. We are not sure why this would be, but we do know that New Trier West is a school for the wealthy and elite. Its boundaries encompass the wealthiest suburbs of Chicago.

More interesting when talking about education, is Simac's backtracking on statements she made comparing our public schools to Nazi regimes (her resistance blog post). Simac has expressed a clear lack of understanding and distain for Science and claimed she'd remove her children from public schools because of the curriculum. Is this someone we want making decisions about our Public Schools?

Simac did not offer the voters any substantive information in the debate although she did attempt to clarify some of her personal history. We have compared notes between what we've been told by her campaign and Simac’s new account. In a recorded phone call, Simac’s campaign told us that she moved to Wisconsin at the age of 22 and has lived here for 30 years. This would make her 52 years old. However at the end of Tuesday’s forum, Simac stated she has lived in Wisconsin for the past 30 years and moved to Wisconsin at the age of 18. This would make her 48 year old. I guess the importance of this is either that she needs a refresher course in math, she does not know how old she is or she was somewhere for four years and doesn't want to talk about it. According to her CCAP record Simac (formerly known as Kimberly Maillette) was born in October 1958 – which makes her 52 not 48 years old. This woman simply cannot keep her stories straight.

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