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Robin Vos - No recalls, No Jobs

Robin Vos Against the PeopleMadison Wisconsin -- In the last few weeks there have been two things in the news that have had a profound impact on the citizens of Wisconsin -- recall elections and jobs. It is these two issues that bring our attention to Representative Robin Vos (R –Rochester), who happens to sit atop the Joint Finance committee with Alberta Darling.

As reported from the website

One day after recall elections targeting state Republicans were held, Rep. Robin Vos announced an effort to "recall the recall elections." Vos, R-Rochester, said he is drafting an amendment to the state constitution that would require petitioners give a specific reason - such as a criminal conviction or ethics violation - before mounting a recall effort. "I don't want recalls to become the norm," Vos said


In other words, Vos does not want to become a target of recall efforts by Wisconsin citizens. Wisconsinites exercising their rights to recall officials  worries him so much he feels the need to remove the ability to be held accountable. Mr. Vos should look at what Scott Walker has done, never once mentioning his intentions of stripping workers rights, nor did he mention voter suppression, or attacks on micro breweries or privatization of state agencies along with many other issues, yet, that is legal and wouldn’t fall into Vos’s criteria to recall an official.

Basically Robin Vos condones candidates lying to get elected but frowns upon voters who wish to hold those liars accountable for their actions. Maybe it is time to hold Vos accountable for his role in being a proxy puppet for Scott Walker.

Robin Vos on Jobs

Badger Democracy uncovered Robin Vos’ emails between corporate lobbyists and ties to ALEC legislation.

Representative Robin Vos (R –Rochester) has implied that there are jobs out there but people would rather sit on unemployment than to take a job. Proof once again that Robin Vos is so out of touch with his constituents as well as reality. (Someone should point out to Vos that Wisconsin lost 12,500 private sector jobs last month)

Voters of Wisconsin should consider letting him hear their voices loud and clear at the polls, give him a taste of what it is like to be unemployed and unable to pay the bills on the benefits that are barely above the minimum wage. That very minimum wage Vos voted a resounding no for in 2009; the Racine Post reported in 2009: State Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, blasted state Dems' plans to raise the minimum wage and help families with autistic children. Both, Vos said, are irresponsible in the current economy.

Robin Vos clearly does not care about all of his constituents, just the ones padding his pockets with corporate campaign dollars and benefits to his own business. I wonder what would happen if the people decided to boycott his popcorn business that his tax cuts clearly benefit. Being the co-chair on finance and his lack of concern for what is best for the state finances; makes you wonder if he wouldn’t run his own business in to the ground like he is the state of Wisconsin over stereotypical and discriminatory thoughts that clearly plague his ability to make good decisions and business sense. This attitude ignores the structural weakness in the many industries struggling to make ends meet and paints a scary picture for our ability to recover from this corporate induced ailing economy. Robin Vos it is time for you to wake up and start serving the people as you were elected to represent.

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