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Matthew Schauenburg - Prepared to Die For Democracy

Matthew Schauenburg is propped against a pillar inside the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin with a sign alerting passersby that he is conducting a hunger strike for democracy. On Saturday, March 12, Matt was in day 8 of his hunger strike.

Matt lives on the east side of Madison in the Hawthorne neighborhood. Matt is conducting a hunger strike in opposition to Governor Scott Walker's budget reform bill and in solidarity with Wisconsin's state and union employees. Matt is a former union member and worked as a steel climber and rigger for the IATSE, a division of the Teamsters.

Matt is going to continue his hunger strike until Governor Walker decides to change his mind on collective bargaining. Matt's second demand to end his hunger strike is for Governor Walker to have a dialog with independents and Democrats regarding the budget. Matt said that he is prepared to deal whatever he has to during his hunger strike, up to and including dying for the cause of democracy.

It is now day 16 for Matt Schauenburg who is willing to die for his fellow Americans Rights. PolitiScoop will follow Matt and hope to get an interview with him soon. Stay Tuned for this much under covered story.

Click the image to watch his video

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