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Madison Wisconsin -- This weekend published this article,  which shows the GAB publishing information that states Justice Prosser having a term starting in 2011-2021, which isn't the story. The story is that this was published at least 2 days before the election took place. The information was given to Defending Wisconsin PAC and then sent to PolitiScoop for our own record and use there of. In the wake of the publication both PolitiScoop and Defending Wisconsin PAC has come under intense fire from the right for whatever reason. It could be that they do not want the public at large to know what is going on in Wisconsin politics or they are afraid of light being shed on the truth.

The storms now raging within social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter have been intense, to say the least, and there is also another storm brewing behind the scenes with emails to both PolitiScoop and Defending Wisconsin PAC.

Now if you remember, shortly after the illegal vote on the budget bill, several Republican Senators received threats of violence because of their vote and it gained much attention through the mainstream media. This story will be quite different in our situation, as well as Defending Wisconsin PAC, because we are the voices that no one on the right or very far right want to hear. We offer narratives to the opposite side of the issue and we are willing to continue the cause, even in the face of opposition that threatens the safety of both our persons and homes.  We do it in the name of Justice and transparency, for the public.

Having said that there is nothing that will stand in our way in bringing the truth to light and information to be dissected by the public and the readers of our site. The threat of violence fuels our passion to continue the fight through peaceful means and will not sway our resolve as we believe that the use of such rhetoric amplifies the belief that there is indeed something to hide.  Politiscoop will continue to search for answers, no matter what those answers are. Having said that here is just a few of the things we have been unfortunate to recieve:

From Defending Wisconsin screen shot:


Bomb Threat email

We've obviously re-acted the email as to not inspire such behavior on either side

A Sample Email we received here at PolitiScoop

ps u guyz dont know who the fuk u r messing with y put liez out 2 people. u really think we cant see what u r doing. we can find u people like u need 2 die


This email was a bit more tame then some of the others but we are not looking to fuel any fires but bring the facts out as they come in. We will not stop

in our quest to get the truth out because the truth does matter.

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