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Feet to the Fire Walker Gets Burnt - Update

Walker Lies Update: "Wisconsin Recall: New data on Koch brothers’ million dollar Scott Walker sponsorship

New justdafacts research has uncovered documents showing that Americans for Prosperity, the Republican party auxiliary operation funded by billionaire heirs Charles and David Koch that was accused yesterday of voter suppression in Wisconsin’s recall elections, spent at least $1.3 million on Wisconsin political activities clearing a path in the years leading to the 2010 Republican takeover of the state’s legislature and Scott Walker's gubernatorial win."

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Washington DC - Scott Walker appeared before a U.S. House of Representatives Committee hearing today and was force-fed a giant piece of humble pie, complements of Representatives Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) and a few others. At the outset of the hearing, Walker looked smug, as usual, but quickly became disheveled as the hearing continued. King Walker had his feet put to the proverbial fire throughout the hearing as he repeatedly tried to make others believe his outrageous claim, that union busting was about the budget. To Walker's relief, in between having to answer pointed questions by Democrats, his Republican party brotherhood took him by the hand and away from the fire that was making him sweat.
Scott Walker quickly learned that he was no match for our representatives in the United States House and had no business being there, trying to explain his ridiculous stance about the union busting measure. Time and again, Walker was taken to the mat over issues by Democratic members of Congress. It was ever-so-clear that whenever Walker was asked to be accountable for his policies, he has no good answers, and in some cases, making it up as he went along. In the end, he deeply embarrassed the State of Wisconsin.
Our Governor is the voice of our State and that he has the audacity to lie before Congress makes it abundantly clear that this man has no business being in office. He has stained the reputation of a State that prided itself on the ethical behavior of its elected officials. We can only hope that the Government Accountability Board will recognize this fact and find the strength to say that enough is enough. The People of Wisconsin deserve better. Below you will find the Fact Check of King Walker's plethora of not-so-true / misleading statements to the United States House of Representatives.
The issue of the Lobbyist son Brian Deschane came up in the hearing. Walker claimed he was unaware of the issue and that Brian was five levels below him in terms of employment. Walker stated that he acted when he learned of the hiring. The truth of the matter is that Walker acted when the public became outraged. Look at the picture below. Does he expect us to believe that he didn't know this man's son was hired for a cushy job in his administration? I mean he is a Governor, not the President.

Update: Politiscooop brought this story to you back in April and last night Steve Lebowitz at The Daily Kos uncovered more information related to our story. Read an excerpt below.


Scott Walker lies













Fact Check again:
Walker was questioned about the prank David Koch call, more specifically, what he thought Koch meant when he said Walker would be rewarded with a trip to Cali. Walkers response was that he had several calls waiting and was just trying to get Koch off the phone. Walker also said he didn't even know where Cali was. First of all Walker was on the phone with this man for 20 minutes and secondly, Walker actually said he doesn't even know where Cali is. If Scott Walker doesn't know where Cali is then he really needs to step down. Psst King Walker, Cali is on the very West Coast. Also, if Walker was in such a hurry to get off the phone, why did he go on to talk about his baseball bat? Or about how he felt like Ronald Reagan and the bomb? He certainly didn't seem to be in a hurry, and if he was in a hurry, why not just say "I gotta go"? He is the Governor. Unless of course, David Koch is his boss

Fact Check again:
Walker says he did not receive any money from the Koch brothers, that he's aware of:
But wait. As per a quick search at the Americans for Prosperity website, PolitiScoop found that Scott Walker had several speaking engagements for this Koch funded organization.

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And finally since Walker doesn't remember any of this, have a look at this video and this takes place in WAUKESHA people WATCH HERE

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