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Simac’s Disdain for Science

Simac Mad Scientist Simac’s Disdain for Science

Eagle River - Politiscoop earlier today commented on a recently uncovered blog post by Kimerly Jo Simac that has been circulating around Twitter and Facebook . That article focuses on Simac’s lack of professionalism in her attempt to organize a debate on “global warming”. An equal, if not more important aspect of Simac’s views is worth comment. It is clear that Simac holds a “Skeptical” view of science in general.

Now, I am not a scientist. I am just a mother who raised 9 kids and trains horses for a living. Nothing scientific about that, but it seems to me everything should always be open for discussion. The idea that a subject like man-made climate change is a done deal just doesn’t make sense to me yet reply after reply let me know in very certain words that there is nothing to talk about.

Perhaps science has moved on to more important issues without waiting for your consensus, Ms. Simac. The current issues that should be of concern to politicians is NOT whether climate change is occurring, but how can science inform us about the causes of climate change, environmental factors and how we might institute policies that will help mitigate a serious threat to human well being.

Simac admits to not being a scientist. In fact, she has not disclosed any information about her educational accomplishments. Her campaign and her author biographies do not make reference to a High School degree! Do you have one Kim? Yet she holds that relevant debate over important environmental issues and policies should occur at a high school level, stating “Outrageous to me was one scientist who claimed our high school students would not be able to understand the information”.

Ms. Simac’s disdain for science is of particular relevance when considering whether we want Ms. Simac to have a seat at a senate table that will be making important environmental policy (or as we have seen already from Walker’s ALEC based agenda, the removal of environmental safeguards). Wisconsin has a huge stake in maintaining a healthy and thriving natural environment. Our farming, dairy and tourism industries depend on this. When considering these issues I want a senator who is open to consideration and is capable of understanding scientific input.

In contrast to Simac, State Senator Jim Holperin (D-Eagle River) believes that:

“Voters want to make an informed, intelligent decision about who best will fight for northern Wisconsin over the next year and a half,” . . . . He noted his record to promote small business jobs, safeguard the environment, support local public education, help senior citizens, and protect the north’s hunting and fishing heritage is “a good indicator of what’s important to me, and what I’d continue to do as this area’s Senator.

Senator Holperin has challenged you to a debate Ms. Simac. We would all be interested in hearing have your ideas about environmental issues.

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