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Darling Accused of Criminal Felonies

Darling Behind BarsBREAKING NEWS Madison Wisconsin -- In a conference call just moments ago, Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate issued a statement in regards to Alberta Darling's campaign breaking the law. The complaint alleges the Darling campaign has committed 3 felonies. The Democratic Party claims that Darling has colluded with right wing front groups Right to Life, Wisconsin Family Action, Americans for Prosperity, and American Federation for Children.

An independent group provided email communications between Alberta Darling and these groups that provide proof of a collusion and conspiracy. These communications were only released when the group threatened and filed a lawsuit against Darling for violating the states Open Records Law. The accusations also allege that Darling was the principal author of legislation that benefits “for profit” education in Wisconsin.

Yesterday the Milwaukee County District Attorney announced an investigation into an election bribery allegation against right-wing coalition of corporate funded special interest groups, these groups include Americans for prosperity, Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Right to Life. The Democratic party of Wisconsin alleges that Darling accepted hundreds of thousands of unregulated dollars from these groups while writing Scott Walker's budget proposal that benefited each of these groups.

On July 13th the Wisconsin Democrats filed an FOIA into Darlings communications with these coalitions and the now embattled Senator refused to turn them over. Party Chair Mike Tate stated that Darling knew full well that she was engaging in collusion, coordination, and election bribery and that is why her campaign has attempted to smear the Pasch campaign with its wild accusations.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has filed this complaint with the Government Accountability Board, and various United States Attorney offices in the Eastern and Western parts of Wisconsin. Read the complaint here.

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