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Randy "Bed" Hopper Wins Hypocrisy Crown

King Hypocrit HopperAnd the Hypocrisy Award Goes To Madison's . . . . Randy Bed Hopper!

While there are certainly five close runners-up, my pick for the most hypocritical and laughable recall candidate is the lowly Randy “Bed” Hopper. True, if David “I don’t smoke rock” Vanderleest was a recall candidate, Randy might have lost out on this award. You may argue (and please feel free to) that any of the six recall candidates richly deserve this award. My reasons for picking Senator Bed Hopper are as follows: (oh yes there is new stuff here)

1) While advocating family values Randy Hopped not only into an extramarital affair, he hopped himself right out of his district.

2) While voting for legislation that disenfranchised thousands of elderly, disabled and student voters in the state, Randy Hopper illegally cast votes in two elections. Perhaps the fee or the inconvenience involved in updating his address was just too big a burden for this bed hopping guy.

3) Valerie Cass, (Bed Hopper’s 26-year-old mistress) a former lobbyist for the right-wing firm Persuasion Partners Inc., must be very good at her job. With Hopper’s help, she managed to secure a cushy government job, and not at the lowly pay of a typical government worker – Cass in fact contracted for compensation 34% higher than the previous holder of the position. This is awesomely brilliant hypocrisy, because in July, Hopper released a television ad claiming that his opponent Jessica King voted to increase her pay by 63%. The nonpartisan PolitiFact rated his statement as "Pants on Fire", describing it as "ridiculous and false", as King had voted against the raise.

4) While he calls solidarity protesters thugs, he gives one of the most awesome portrayals of thuggery ever caught on camera at the Capital. As he passes by a few individuals you can hear Senator Hopper state "I'm gonna get you for every fu**ing thing you've done" He then walks directly over to another camera and tells the citizen to "Get away from my face". The camera was clearly not “in his face” – he had to travel several feet to “get his face” in the camera’s lens. And what did he mean when he said "I’m gonna get you for everything you have fu**ing done"?

5) My favorite from his own webpage on May 24th 2011.  “ Senator Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) released the following statement regarding stories of wasteful expenditures by Wisconsin local teachers unions".

“In the past two days, disturbing stories about the wasteful spending caused by teachers unions in the state have hit the news. The first story was released on Monday in article featured in the Wisconsin State Journal. This article illuminated the exorbitant cost of $300,000 the Middleton-Cross Plain school board was forced to spend in defending their termination of a 7th grade science teacher who was looking at pornographic material on his school computer. One would think that a teacher looking at inappropriate content would deserve to be fired for his egregious behavior; however, it took 15 months and $300,000 in legal charges on part of a school district that is facing budget cuts. Even though the local teachers union leaders agreed that looking at porn on a school computer was, in fact, wrong, they continued to challenge the dismissal. It was a fight that cost the district $300,000 to protect the kids ¬$300,000 that could have been used to pay teachers, fund educational programs, or purchase new technology for the classroom.”

Oh my!! If you read no other link on this article READ THIS!!

Here is an excerpt

First, Zellner disengaged the “safe search” filter. He then typed “blonde” into the Google search box. within and outside the Google website. He then clicked to display the next 20 images. Zellner then clicked a link entitled “more of these” adjacent to images from When Zellner did so, another 20 pornographic “thumbnail” images were displayed on his monitor for a total of 17 seconds. Zellner did not click on any of the photographs displayed in his search. The entire incident took 67 seconds.

The appeals court said that 67 seconds was all that was necessary to be fired” And yet we wonder why public servants need representation? Oh my, would many of us be able to pass the”67 second rule.” Certainly Hopper can’t. Politiscoop both salutes and awards hypocrisy points for Senator Bed Hopper’s efforts to taking to task a “science teacher ( BTW – much harder to hire and retain than lunch lobbyists) while laughing off his own pornographic shenanigans.

Perhaps he should argue that the money and resources devoted to recall efforts are also a waste. Having been accused of moral deficits, Hopper should have hopped down and taken Porn King Cowles with him. Surely while enjoying the benefits of job security that requires that his employers, the people of Wisconsin, put out the level of energy, commitment, time, and money to FIRE HIM he should do what he expected science teacher Zellner to do.
Senator Randy Bed Hopper—you are guilty of EVERYTHING you have claim your opponents (and everyone remotely associated with then) are guilty of. For that, Politiscoop tentatively awards you the Hypocrisy Crown, although Alberta Darling is closing in quick with her felonious associations with right wing coalitions. How does it feel to be king for a day?

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