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Wisconsin Sheriff Uses Newtown Tragedy to Promote Tea Party Agenda

Milwaukee – As Newtown, Connecticut residents attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives in the aftermath of one of the nation’s most horrific tragedies, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr picked up a keyboard and beat them over the head with it. Clarke's blog-assault comes just four days after a man armed with a semi-automatic weapon entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire and killed twenty innocent children and six adults for no apparent reason.

Newtown has seen an outpouring of support from leaders and citizens from around the world, all of whom condemned the senseless violence that took place that day. However, Milwaukee’s Tea Party Sheriff feels that the time is now to promote the Second Amendment in hopes of preventing any sort of ban on automatic weapons or new gun regulation. The Sheriff wrote a blog for Tea Party Perspective in which he states:

All the left is interested in is having the government control every aspect of our lives.  Calling for gun control is just another aspect of furthering their socialist agenda. All of these suggestions about the need for gun control are the mindset of sheep.  Once the wolf is at the door, you’re helpless.  Sure, run and hide from a sociopathic killer.  See how far that gets you.  You know where that ‘ll get you?  26 dead at Sandy Hook School.  No one could stop the shooting and the cops weren’t there yet.  The only reason there weren’t more slaughtered is because the wolf took his own life before slaughtering more innocent sheep.

The Sheriff fails to mention in his heartless rant that the gun used to commit the horrific crime was a Bushmaster .223 semi-automatic assault rifle. It wouldn’t have mattered if police were standing two hundred feet away because the clip would have been emptied before police could have taken down the perpetrator.

Further, Clarke advocates the following:

I was in Jerusalem last year.  You couldn’t go too far without seeing an Israeli border patrol agent, national police officer or security guard all armed with Uzi’s.  It was impressive and I felt safe.  They don’t talk about gun control in Israel to prevent violence.  They dare gun toting perps to bring it.

Clarke's insensitivity to those suffering unfathomable grief at this moment is even more egregious with his use of this tired, repeatedly debunked comparison with Israel.  According to JTA: (The Global News Service of the Jewish People): 

Unlike in the United States, where the right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution’s Second Amendment, Israel’s department of public security considers gun ownership a privilege, not a right. Gun owners in Israel are limited to owning one pistol, and must undergo extensive mental and physical tests before they can receive a weapon, and gun owners are limited to 50 rounds of ammunition per year.

Clarke further fails to acknowledge the reason the weapons of war are so ubiquitous in Israel.  These weapons are meant for military defense, not for home defense.  In Israel, most 18-year-olds are drafted and serve two or three years in the army after high school.  There are reasons for this compulsory enlistment and it is not because people feel safe.  Would Clarke Jr support the same conscription policy for American youth?  Would it take turning America into a militarized zone to make Sheriff Clarke feel safe?

His comments further make one wonder if Sheriff Clarke Jr is suggesting that all of his officers be equipped with such equipment of mass destruction. Someone who is well trained and capable of using a weapon should be able to stop a perpetrator with one shot if needed, not 100. 

What makes Clarkes blog even more disturbing is the fact he posted it, not on his personal blog, but a Tea Party Blog and by an author using a pseudonym of Atlas Shrugging. If the name sounds familiar then you’ll remember when members of the tea party wanted burn and shred recall petitions during the drive to remove Governor Scott Walker from office. The group, through Facebook postings, suggested they had a friend in law enforcement to help them navigate the legal waters, was this Clarke?

 Politiscoop reported that particular “Shrugging” is or was employed with the city of Fond Du Lac as an IT security engineer and belongs to a militia known as "The Regulators Anti-Socialism Vigilance Committee" (which presents itself as a very anti-Liberal and racist militia). Are they one and the same? You can read more about shrugging here

The mindless rant of a renegade Sheriff calls into question his competency to uphold the law and know the boundaries of his position. David Clarke, in various blog postings that are linked to Milwaukee County’s webpage, admonishes Judge Hansher (the John Doe judge in the Scott Walker corruption investigation) for a sentence he handed down.

Since Clarke’s insensitive blog post, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s facebook page has been inundated with constituents angry about the statements made in regard to the Newtown tragedy. The negative comments seem to be being deleted as they appear, further silencing those wishing to air their grievances against the sheriff.

Sheriff David Clarke Jr’s repeated public displays of nonsensical commentary from an office where public trust and professionalism are paramount to maintaining peaceful communities, only encourages those who oppose the rule of law to continue to rebel against it. Clarke’s job is to protect and serve, not agitate or instigate, so the question remains -- Are the citizens of Milwaukee County safe with Sheriff David Clarke Jr who sees his role and that of his officers as that of judge, jury and executioner?

Politiscoop reached out to 11th State Assembly District Representative-elect Mandela Barnes for a comment on Sheriff David Clarke’s online statements.

Rep. Barnes said “Sheriff Clarke’s statements were insensitive in the sense that in the wake of the tragedy, he chose to clamor to gun ownership rather than speaking of ways to prevent such horror from happening again and I find this very disheartening.”  Barnes continued

“The position the Sheriff has taken with regard to guns and this tragedy is much like the company B.P did when millions of gallons of oil was pouring into Gulf; At first they said it couldn’t have been prevented, then we later learn that there were things that could have been done to limit the damage. I really don’t understand the Sheriff’s thought process in this matter.”

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