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Scott Walker Wins Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award

Scott Walker AwardMadison -- Scott Walker has earned the prestigious "Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award", an award given out by Walker can now place this award next to his "Governor of the Year" award he recently received from the "Governors Journal".

While "Governor of the Year" sounds impressive and is certainly an outstanding achievement, if you are a fan of the "Governors Journal". The mainstream media certainly took up the proclamation, hook, line and sinker. The JSonline, TMJ4, Fox6now,and Gannett Newspapers tripped over one another to be the first to announce it.

But wait, Governors Journal? Is that as well respected as Time Magazine (incidentally, Time named the protestor as person of the year) or Forbes? The Liberal Blog "Root River Siren" looked into the Governors Journal (the website) and found this:

Governor's Journal has been in business for approximately one year. Founded in December of 2010 it's only employee is Dean Pagani himself. It has no Board of Directors, it has no staff or faculty type listing.

Pagani is the head of
- a media consulting firm - who also seems to have no employees beyond Pagani. It does list some references of Pagani's associates, Tom Foley who lost as the GOP candidate in the race for Connecticut Governor in 2010 and Ross Garber who was the Republican candidate Connecticut Attorney General. Garber not only lost big, but was slapped with a defamation suit by his opponent.

Now one could assume from this little science experiment, anything positive said about the governor will be amplified ten-fold by the mainstream media, for whatever reason. This goes to show that many in the mainstream media will bite and echo anything positive about Scott Walker without researching the facts prior to broadcast.

I'm not saying that the Governors Journal is a bad publication, but it certainly isn't Time Magazine, or Forbes or a publication that has earned widespread respect from people around the world, especially if what RRS says is true and it is a one man show. Certainly, you could over-look the fact that the person that chose Walker for the award was a former chief of staff of a jailbird governor.

Given the enormous amount of exposure by the media given to this award, I think it's fair to question their motives for giving it so much weight, especially when the Governors Journal publication has only been in business for such a small amount of time. Therefore, I demand that the MSM proclaim Walker has earned the award, "Joe McCarthy Renaissance 2011 " for the following reasons.

1. Corporate Give-a-ways while cutting Badgercare for kids.

2. Destroying Collective Bargaining so he can access public employee pensions.

3. Walker’s quest in social engineering, in order to create Stepford citizens.

You could look at a few more here. (MSM reporters, please follow the link).

There are many more reasons why Gov. Scott Walker has achieved this award; however, we wanted to highlight just a few. I am betting his response would be the same as the one he gave to FOX6's Mike Lowe, when he said

"It certainly was surreal, no doubt about that. I certainly never would have dreamed about the kind of national attention, I just came in like a small business owner. I saw a problem, tried to fix it," said Gov. Walker."

Congratulations Gov. Scott Walker on this year’s award, we will be forwarding the plaque as soon as we can locate a non-union artisan willing to work 70 hours a week for .01 an hour, in some third world country, who will be willing to make it. The only thing we ask Scott, is that you do at-least one commercial with a cigarette dangling from your lips.

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