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Breaking: Walker Wants to Challenge Recall Signatures - Indirectly

Scott Walker Lies AgainStory Updated Below:

Madison –Scott Walker’s campaign today stated that they did not wish to challenge recall signatures directly, it now turns out Walker wants to use the challenges from the front group “Verify the Recall”. This is yet another sign of dishonesty or sleight of hand from Gov. Scott Walker.

The Government Accountability Board has confirmed the filing from Walker’s campaign but has yet to make a determination on the validity of using such a mechanism to challenge recall signatures. The GAB had previously ruled that challenges must come from the candidate, not outside groups. This is just another example of Scott Walker telling the public one thing, then skirting around the truth.

The Walker camp made it a point to inform news outlets of their decision not to challenge signatures but they left out the fact they intended to try and use an online front group to challenge signatures.  The Democratic Party of Wisconsin had this to say today about Walker's campaign announcement.

They had money, time and, they claimed, volunteers. Their efforts were a total and laughable failure designed to distract from scott walker's record of job loss, corruption and extremism. This represents total victory for our side.

You can read Walker's GAB filing here.

Update: United Wisconsin Response to Gov. Scott Walker GAB filing.

United Wisconsin PAC Political Director Erik Kirkstein had this to say.

"The idea that Scott Walker would push for this group to challenge the validity of the recall signatures is incredibly ridiculous. The people of Wisconsin are sick and tired of these political games. It is clearly impossible for the Governor to avoid the will of the people, despite any of his paltry attempts to do so. The GAB has clearly stated that there is no legal basis for third-party challenges.

It is reprehensible if Walker thinks he can delay the inevitable recall even further in order to fly around the country collecting more cash from his corporate donors. Sooner or later the people of Wisconsin will be heard. Walker needs to stop wasting our time."

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