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Scott Walker Signs Radical Anti-Family Legislation that Hurts Women

Scott Walker Signs Anti-Women BillScott Walker Signs Radical Anti-Family Legislation that Hurts Women, Harms Children's Education

MADISON—Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman on Scott Walker's cowardly, hidden-signing yesterday of radical legislation that rolls back decades of progress towards equality, undermines the doctor-patient relationship and puts the health of women and children at risk.


"From the moment he took office, Scott Walker has pursued an extremist ideological agenda that is damaging to working Wisconsin families. And now, in his cowardly, hidden-signing of anti-woman, anti-family Republican bills that undermine the rights of women and their doctors to make health care choices based on medically-accepted best practices and repeal the Equal Pay Enforcement Act and the Healthy Youth Act, he's shown he is willing to harm women and children by destroying legislation that protected their rights and access to comprehensive, scientifically-accurate health education.

"By signing this bizarre social policy into law, Scott Walker has once again made it painfully clear that his focus is not on creating jobs and moving Wisconsin forward, but on further polarizing a state torn apart by his failed policies that have stripped workers of their rights and scorched the earth for advancements in economic growth and education.

"These latest attacks on women and families are just one more reason Wisconsin will recall and replace Scott Walker."

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