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From our inbox to your desktop. These letters are from our readers about what is going on in the world of politics in Wisconsin.

Monday, Feb 04 2013

The Faux mining committee meeting held on Jan 23 in Madison was a farce. People testified with heart and soul about the devastation it would cause to people, communities, and especially nature. Think anyone heard? -or listened? – Only the SANE people in the room. Testimony was at least 4 to 1 against this bill for ALL kinds of reasons, but you can bet it will pass anyway..

Look for ALL kinds of deregulation of every kind, especially of the WATER kind for the whole state.

You have been warned.

Friday, Apr 15 2011

Earlier today I received a message from a colleague at regarding a Facebook page. It was named after the Madison Capitol Rotunda when we were still in occupation of our House. The post said, “Hi ---, un-named site wrote: "No offense, ---, but I'm going to delete this post. I've already posted something about this issue. I think politiscoop is mostly sensational regurgitation of other news." Boy, that's strange, I thought. I thought we were all on the same side here -- Progressive citizen journalist news organizations, working together to keep the public informed about the political agendas and back-door deals that the mainstream media is not allowing us to see. Since I could not find a way to contact the owner of this page directly, I wrote on the wall of the page:

Wednesday, Apr 13 2011

For a good 20 years of my life I spent it doing the right thing, not always right, but I made a nice effort at living a good life. No part of it included politics. I grew up knowing politicians lied, cheated and stole your money, I was a farmer’s daughter. My recent interest in politics was brought on by my compassion for the teachers that saved my Autistic son from years of remediation, and did so without a second thought to the money they should be making for such a task that requires years of college expense and degrees. My son stayed after school on Wednesday as his teacher worked with him to develop processes to channel all that information in the right direction.

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